Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Are You Headed...Where Are You Going?

This question is so important. If not careful we can get bogged down with life. Ask yourself the question, "How am I doing life?"

How are we doing life? Do we have the tendency to just get up in the morning and "go with the flow?" That is ok to do some of the time...we all need a break from scheduled routines, but it is not ok to live every day that way. Why? Because God has so much more for us to do.

We should have dreams. We should have plans. Where are they? Have they been covered with everyday living, ie laundry, meetings at work, kids activities... We definitely have to keep up with all of those things in our lives, but what about the call, the tug at your heart that was put there by God.

He has definite plans for your spiritual life, for ministry, in addition to family and friends.

Are you fulfilling them?

Take time today to contemplate where you are in your calling. See if you put your calling on hold and ask God if it is time to take up the call and press on to fulfill it at this time in your life. If God has placed it there He will give you the stamina and courage to "go for it." It helps to write them down and make a plan. Stop putting it off, remember God is right there with you. You are not alone...

Doesn't Phil. 4:13 say, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength."

What has God called you to?

Have you been discouraged?

Then take that scripture to heart, look at the example set before you and go after it with all your heart with God at your side!

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