Friday, September 19, 2008

Didn't God Say It Was OK to Rest?

I will have to admit, I have had a very busy day and have not had a chance hardly to breath. Actually, this day was not what I had my blog entry suffered.

I did want to write something, so you all will know I am still "out there."

This weekend is a very busy I may not be on...I will be back on Monday, so check back in. spiritual insight today...just that it is ok to rest. I believe God did sanction it in the very beginning book of the Bible.



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LAURIE said...

R E S T that in the vocabulary of a pastors wife? ha ha. I agree, too many times we try to be all to all! and we can't do that. My rest comes this weekend with a case of strep throat but I would much rather rest in a different way. (oh dear). May we all find a moment of rest this week.....blessings, Laurie