Monday, September 15, 2008

Expect the Unexpected...

So many times we just get up in the morning and do our same routine. It is good to have systems and plans, but where does God fit into our routine?

Depending on what personality you are determines whether you like surprises or spur of the moment occurances. Sometimes God wants to do something in our life or through us, but He wants us to go at that moment. When that happens are we ready to go, or do we think, "I can't do this now I am in the middle of my routine."

If you read in Exodus 13 where the Israelites are following the cloud by day and the pilar of fire by night you notice the two just up and move when God is ready. I heard a sermon yesterday that illustrated this so well.

In essence, you have to stay close to the cloud or fire (God's presence) and be ready when He is ready. If you are not ready to move then you will be left behind. We have to learn to grow past our weaknesses of our personalities to allow the Holy Spirit to move us. If we do not we will miss out on some awesome spirit opportunities.

Do not be so organized we can't move when God wants. Make sure we are not too busy enjoying what we are doing, that we can not stop to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit telling us to slow down and encourage someone today.

So today I would like to challenge each of us to look for the "unexpected" in our could be the cloud of the Holy Spirit taking us to places we never thought we would go.

Expect the Unexpected. Write and tell me how God is working in your life. I look forward to hearing.

By the way I received the Assemblies of God B.O.W Award. Go to the following link to check it out.


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