Sunday, September 7, 2008

Part 2 - I'll Take One in Every Color!

Have you ever gone to your closet and looked at what you have to wear and thought, “I think I’ll wear yellow today?” I have done this a few times. If you do this ask yourself why you want to wear the color you chose? Did you choose yellow because it is like the sunshine? If so then make a note to self to spread a little sunshine wherever you go during the day.

How about red? If this is a color you chose then your note to self could be reminding you to be bold about your faith throughout the day.

Now if you chose black, which is the formal business look, make sure your note to self is a reminder to not take yourself too serious on that day. It will free you to be open to God’s presence allowing the Holy Spirit an opportunity to use you in a special way that day.

I can not say this enough – ENJOY LIFE! This is very hard to do, especially when going through tough times. Those are the times you need to lighten up the most. In today’s society we have a tendency to be too serious. We are in competition to do better than the next person and the only way to relax and have a little fun is by drinking it away with alcohol. That is so sad.

We should be able to forget our problems by giving them over to God, not drowning them out. Doesn’t Paul admonish us in I Peter 5:7 of The Message? “Live carefree before God; he is most careful with you.” The NIV says it this way, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

Before you dive into a milkshake, eat a second helping, or whatever you do when you are stressed, try feeding your spirit with the Word of God. Your body is not what needs the extra food, your spirit is crying out for more of God. If a person has just accepted Christ and they have been use to going out for a drink after work to “clear their head” have them try listening to some good worship music or preaching CD. They need to build up their faith and there is no better way to do it than by dwelling on spiritual things.

Now think back to when there was less stress in your life. What crazy things did you do? Did you play pranks? Did you just, on the spur of the moment, decide to go on a short trip? Think hard now.

I love to sneak up on people. I did this as a teenager and I have been known to have done this to my children when they were just kids. You may think this is mean of a mom to do, but we all had fun. After the kids had gone to bed I would get down on my hands and knees and creep into their room and jump up at them. Now if they were afraid of the dark I would not have done that, but they weren’ I did.

Now, I will wait just inside a door if I know they are coming through. I even like to jump out at my husband and get him good. I get so much pleasure out of seeing him jump. I can’t help chuckling as I think about it as I write. You know what? Even though I love life I have to remind myself to enjoy life. I can get just as serious as the next person and I have to remember my own teaching.

Life is tough, but you can…

Now go think of something out of the ordinary to do and do it! Maybe buy some red shoes!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes life can be tough, and our mountains are big, but I am learning to tell my mountains how big my God is, and laugh at the devil. I am a work in progress so it's one day at a time. Thanks for your encouragement:)