Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When God Closes a Door He Opens the World!

When we set out to make plans we have great intentions of doing God's will. God may like all your well planned arrangements, but He may have something better.

Let's take a look at Paul on one of his journeys. Now Paul had great intentions and he planned his routes the way he felt God was directing him. In Acts 16:6-8 he was headed to Asia, because he thought that was where he could spread the gospel more effectively. The Holy Spirit blocked Paul's way. So, Paul chose to go to Bithynia...the Holy Spirit didn't like that direction for Paul either.

What was Paul to do? He just turned around and traveled to Troas. He now didn't know where he was going. He was just following the leading of the Holy Spirit. It was in Troas that Paul had the dream of Macedonia. He now had clear direction and you know what? Because of this change of direction the gospel was now going to Europe. The world was opening up to the gospel.

If Paul had said he was doing what he wanted and continued on to Asia; not taking the blocks of the Holy Spirit as God led, he would have missed a tremendous God opportunity.

That so spoke to me when I read that passage. How many times do we read over scripture and at one point a nugget stands out? Kathy Troccoli calls them "kisses from the King." Well, that is a kiss from the King. Too many times we have the tendency to think blocks are from Satan, trying to keep us from God's will, when in reality they might just be blocks from the Holy Spirit wanting to open up bigger and broader doors, we never thought possible.

So as you plan your day today and your future look for the blocks and be attentive to the Holy Spirit. Are the blocks God blocks or Satan's attacks. Seek direction, because God may be wanting to direct you to bigger and better opportunities than you can even imagine in the plans you had.

Be ready to change your plans...change your direction...and see God's World open up!

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