Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day in the Spa of the Holy Spirit...

As I was getting ready this morning and contemplating what I wanted to encourage everyone with, I thought of resting in the Lord and Phil. 4:7 came to mind.

Women love to be least I do, and I love to go for a massage or facial. I even like going to get my hair done just for the hair wash. Come on you all know what I'm sayin'.

Think about the reasons we like to have this done:

1. It's relaxing.
2. We forget our problems for a time.
3. It's rejuvenating.
4. It makes us feel important.

Take all four of those points and combine them with time spent with the Holy Spirit. Instead of "Calgon Take Me Away" say "Holy Spirit Take Me Away" and spend the same amount of time with the Holy Spirit, as you would in a spa, getting a massage or facial. When I get my hair done it takes two hours at least(when I have to cover my gray so no one knows I have any). So don't rush your time.

It is too sad when we think we are wasting time sitting that long in the presence of the Lord. The reality is, we should want the time with the Lord more, in order to keep our lives and spirits going in His direction. If we can pamper ourselves physically I believe we can pamper ourselves spiritually. We NEED BOTH.

So...try to come up with a time each month you can spend pampering your spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit to relax you in His presence...forget the problems you are dealing with. I am thinking of one woman in ministry right now that is dealing with some tough circumstances in their church. Just let Jesus drench you with His Spirit of peace.

After you have allowed the Holy Spirit to relax you and take the thoughts of those problems away, let Him rejuvenate your spirit. Be inspired by His goodness and mercy in your life. Dwell on good things, as Phil. 4:8 tells us.

Once you have been rejuvenated you will feel like taking on the world. Why? Because the Holy Spirit spent time with you...just you...and He let you know He cares for you, and loves you, and is concerned about every aspect of your life.

Isn't it good that we are so important to God that He would want to spend time with us? That excites me just writing about it.

Now, go on your way today with this thought in mind..."What day and time can I plan my Day Spa with the Holy Spirit."

You are all awesome and deserve that very special time....ENJOY!



LAURIE said...

My first time to come by your site but I wanted to say congrats! on being awarded the AG blog of the week! What an awesome ministry that you have ministering and encouraging women in ministry. I love that!! I enjoyed this post about the spa and how wonderful it is to soak in Gods presence! - keep up the good work ministering in the cyberspace- Blessings, Laurie

Victoria said...

Thanks Cheryl for sharing from your heart. I have been spending more time this week in prayer and the word letting the Holy Spirit comfort and encourage me. I am ready to fight my battles on Sunday and face my giants because I am believeing the GREAT I AM to move on behalf of my family and I. Victoria

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award! You deserve it! I love what you write... P.S. Where did you go to bible school? I went to NCBC :o)