Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanking God...

This is the season in the U.S. to be thankful. It is important to not take what has been given us for granted. If not careful we can become so caught up in life we forget to pause and thank God for everything around us...

Family because they are who God chose to give us to live with on a daily basis to help us grow and mature,

Friends because God knows what we need in order to help us develop in our relationships,

Needy because God wants us to develop a sense of compassion and care for people less fortunate than us,

All of creation because God needs us to appreciate and worship Him for who He is, and

Health because if we do not take care of ourself we will not be able to help all of the above.

As you go throughout your day do not forget to thank God for the privilege of serving Him and serving others. It is an honor to be able to do all.

God bless you during this time of year and may you be blessed abundantly with God's favor.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Surprise the One Your Love

When we love someone it shows in everything we do. When we first fall in love there is a constant smile on our face or "skip" in our step. We cannot seem to get enough of the person. We are committed to them. Our thoughts are consumed with this person.

After a while we become comfortable in our relationship and we begin to let the constant smile turn into an occasional smile and our "skip" is not so springy. If we are honest with ourselves we start to allow other things in our lives to take precedence over the one we once could not get enough of.

As believers we need to become aware of this in our personal lives as well as our spiritual lives.

If we are leaders we need to make sure we are leading by example; in our family relationships and spiritual relationship with God.

Is the spring still in our step, as a believer in Christ? Do we have the constant smile shining on our face, making us look a little ridiculous? Where are we in our relationship with God? Have we become settled? Does the daily Bible reading bring tears to our eyes? Tears of appreciation for the One who gave His life for us?

As I was contemplating worship I began thinking about this relationship. When we worship the One who so deserves our worship, are we worshiping from the most intimate place of our heart? Are we giving God our fullest commitment? Our full devotion? Do we stop worshiping before we get to the most important part of our time with God?

It is my desire, in this post, to stir up a desire within us that yearns for a more intimate relationship with God. Remember when you love someone you are committed to that person. You want to spend a lot of time them. Make sure your commitment to God is that devoted. Spend time with Him. Get to know Him and allow Him to get to know you. You will not know God in the most intimate sense, until you stay with Him longer than a few minutes.

If we have busy schedules, then schedule our time with God into our calendars. After a while you will find you will have to lengthen your time with Him. Why? Because the more you get to know Him, the more time you will want to spend with Him.

This month, those of us in the United States, celebrate Thanksgiving. Let's be thankful for what God has given us in His Son. Show our thanks by spending more time with Him. Surprise Him! Everyone loves surprises. When we surprise people they usually surprise us with their response.

Give God the opportunity to surprise us as we spend time with Him.