Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mother/Daughter Team Available for Events

Cheryl Turnbull and daughter, Catherine, are available for ministry together or separate. Catherine has a heart for teenage girls. She went through a difficult time transitioning when their family moved from one city to another.

Catherine knows what teenage girls are challenged with and has a desire to encourage them to become Godly young women. For the past year she has devoted her life to seeking God and has not allowed "boyfriends" to enter the picture of her life. In fact she invited a guy friend from school to church and he has been coming. He wanted to go out with Catherine, but she was honest with him and said she was focused on her relationship with God and didn't date right now. He respected her for her morals and said he had never met someone like that before and it was cool. He liked that about her.

I shared that to show you where Catherine's heart is and I am sure your girls would be encouraged and challenged by what she has to say. She is a senior in high school and is very active in church activities. She is on facebook, if you want to check her out.

Below is a sample of what we do together, but we will work with you on your specific needs.

Women’s Retreat
3 Session Outline

Session One: Women Full of Fun and Adventure
In this session women will be challenged to live a fun life in Christ. We will use the flip flop illustration out of the book “If the Shoe Fits.”

Session Two: Women Filled with Determination
In this session women will be challenged to live a life determined to succeed in Christ, confronting challenges “head on” and winning. The running shoe illustration will be used from “If the Shoe Fits.”

Session Three: Women Leaving a Legacy of Class
In this session women will be challenged to leave a positive legacy of what they learned on their journey with Christ. The classic pump illustration will be used from “If the Shoe Fits.” My daughter, Catherine, and I will be doing this session together. Catherine has a heart for young girls and I have asked her to speak to women on how to best help the teenage girls in their lives. She is available to speak directly with teen girls if you wish.

It has been my life purpose to get Christians, young and old, to enjoy their life in Christ. We were not created to sit back and watch others do life with fun and excitement. We were created to actively be engaged in a fun and fulfilled life in Christ, and it is our responsibility to pass on that legacy to generations to come.

You can contact me via email: or Facebook or by phone at 757-343-7783

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