Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are We Leading the Battle or God?

Are we so controlling that we get in God's way?

Many times we have to have everything done the way we think it should be done. If it's not we get frustrated and sometimes hard to live with. As mom's we want our children or husband to help put dishes out of dishwasher, but if they put things in the wrong place we get upset with them. Now, if they are young we should be able to just be thankful they are doing it. When they are teens we should definitely be thankful they are doing it, but by this time they should know where things go, or we should show them.

In our place of business or ministry we, hopefully, develop our leadership skills to the place where we can negotiate, and not always have to have everything go our way. If we don't we are not allowing God to develop us into all we can be as leaders and followers of Christ.

God "thundered a huge thunderclap exploding among the Philistines, They panicked - mass confusion! - and ran helter-skelter from Israel." (7:10) We read about God doing this as well in Judges 7 for Gideon.

As we do what God asks of us He will do His part. It is my opinion that too often we try to do it all on our own. We figure out the best way to do things then pray and ask God to bless it. We do it all backwards. We need to first pray and ask for God's direction and He will then guide our thoughts in planning and implementing what He has called us to do. In both of the instances of scripture I have mentioned Gideon and Samuel prayed to God for direction and God came through for them.

This is especially hard for those who are gifted with ideas, organizing, etc. Many times when we have these gifts we forge ahead on our own before we think and ask God for clear direction.

As we contemplate these scriptures ask God to bring to mind where you are in allowing Him to lead. Are we the ones who have the ideas and say, "OK God, this looks good. It will work this way, so please bless it?" Take some time alone with God and ask Him to help you redirect your priorities to ask Him first, before you begin the planning process.

You may be one who does a lot of praying and asking God for direction, but never get up and act. Then you need to ask God to help you get the courage to take the first step. He's there for us just waiting for us to acknowledge our dependence on Him.

Blessings to you!

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LAURIE said...

Great thoughts today. I am guilty of the one who gets frustrated if the dishes aren't stacked just so or the towels folded a certain way. It is hard for me, because of my OCD personality, to loosen up control. God has also had to teach me along the way that I need to not be so rigid when it comes to ministry. Other peoples ideas and plans are not wrong just sometimes different than mine- but the important thing is that Gods leading is followed. -Blessings, Laurie