Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just One of Those Days...

Have you ever felt like you're in the midst of tug of war with your kids? I have. You do what you can to encourage your kids and all they can see is discouragement. Back and forth...this is what I think...this is what I think. Can you see yourself tugging one direction and your child tugging the opposite? You both have your own opinion. That is good. Let God be God. Oh, how hard that is!

We continue on, knowing, at one point God will get through, but tug of war is hard.

Oftentimes, our children, especially if they have grown up in a pastor's home, want to spread their wings, basically grow up. Many times as parents we have a hard time with this. We have to allow them this right, but keep them in prayer. One of my daughter's has been committed to church and has her relationship with God on track. In my encouraging her to be careful about her priorities and her commitment to God/church, school, work, and then friends, I have to be careful to allow her the freedom to grow in her own right. Don't control...influence...give guidance and let them make the choice. As parents we need to let them make the choice and back off if it isn't the way we think it should go. I know it is hard. But,that is what trusting God is all about.

It is definitely hard, when you can see the stress they are under wanting to please their parents, but not wanting to do what their parents recommend. That is where trusting in the Lord comes into play.

As you know from a previous post I have been reading about Abram. When Abram and Lot's families and belongings became too large for the place they were staying; complaining started, so, Abram suggested Lot choose where he wanted live and move his family to that location. Lot looked around, and in reality was selfish, he chose what he perceived to be the best. So they went their separate ways. (Gen. 13)

In Gen. 14 Lot is taken captive, along with all his possessions. Abram drops everything and heads out to rescue Lot (vv13-16). We can learn from this passage of scripture. Abram loved his nephew Lot and allowed him to choose where he wanted to live. When Lot was in trouble Abram was there.

Allow our children the freedom to choose...we have raised them to know what is right and wrong. Pray for them. It might hurt when we see them making wrong decisions, but God is faithful. Keep praying. They know we are near. Continue to pray.

God will work it all out. So moms, dads, if you read this, keep your prayers going upward we will make it through. Until next time, Blessings.

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Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

Shew! thanks for this encouragement today!!!