Saturday, November 1, 2008

Continuing to Develop Our Shape as We Mature!

In the previous post we read from Ecclesiastes that there is an opportune time for everything. We may be going through a time where we have the opportunity to allow God to expand our faith and trust in Him. Maybe we need to expand our faith and trust in other people, or some one in particular. Read the Bible and ask God to help you understand what He is trying to tell you through His Word. Even though I have read the Bible many times I find I enjoy reading The Message version. It basically tells it like it is in our language. I have my NIV close at hand for in depth studying. It is amazing what might "pop" out at you as you read.

You may be going through a time in which you need to ask advise from another woman in ministry regarding a situation you are going through. As women in ministry we can definitely go through low, dry times in our relationship with God. There is just so much "stuff" we have to deal with in ministry, we sometimes can feel as if "all hell is breaking loose." How can that be when we are honestly trying to do God's will? How can the people in church not understand that and want to work against us? We have to be careful to keep our heart sensitive to the Holy Spirit. This is when we so need to have another woman in ministry to talk seek her out.

If you are a woman who is not in ministry you may need to seek advise from a pastor or his wife, and ask them to recommend a woman who can mentor or coach you in your new found faith. There may be a situation you are dealing with in which you need advise. Seek this advise. Do not try to figure it out on your own.


In both situations you will find yourself getting stronger. You will find the ball of clay we spoke of in a previous post is not as round as it was before. Your spiritual life is now taking on form and shape. You are becoming a beautiful woman of God. Your ministry and calling is taking on the shape that God has specifically designed for you.

Some women may be way past this stage. That is wonderful. Maybe you are one God can use to be a mentor or coach to another woman just beginning her walk in faith or as a woman in ministry. Ask God to prepare your heart and mind for this adventure in your life. It can be exciting and unpredictable. You never know who God will place in your care and how they will respond.

It is important to make sure that we as women of God continue to grow and develop. Be careful to not get to the point that you feel as if you "know it all." That is a dangerous point to be. Always, always, always, have an open, impressionable spirit in which God's Spirit has fertile ground in which to grow.

Until next post...Blessings!

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