Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Purification System of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is like a water purification system. Everything that travels through our mind is purified by the Holy Spirit. Our spirit asks the Holy Spirit for discernment and direction, which keeps us clean and on the right track. Every once in a while something gets through that shouldn’t have, but we eventually realize it and God helps us get rid of it to keep us clean and healthy.

Prayer and reading God’s word is like turning on the faucet for more water. We have the choice to open the valve as much as we want. The water can either pour or trickle. It is totally and completely up to us. I believe as we allow the water to flow freely it will fill us and pour out into others. As we are filled with this Living Water our appearance will change. Our countenance will be different. Others will take notice.

Our desire will be to know Christ more. Spending more time with Him will be on the top of our daily to do list. John and Stasi Eldridge tell us in their book “Captivating” that “The more His we become, the more ourselves we become; more our true selves.” We were created to walk with God. Isn’t that why God created Adam and Eve in the first place; to walk with Him? So, the more we give our lives over to Him we are allowing God to help us become who we were created to be – our true self.

Are we satisfied with being the same woman every day? Are we tired of looking into the mirror and seeing the same face? Becoming the woman God created us to be is not boring, nor is she satisfied. She is restless, but restless in a good way. She is thirsty for more of the One she loves and will not just sit back and watch life pass her by.

A peace is seen on her face. An excitement exuberates from her. She knows who she is and is confident of what she knows. She is a woman with a passion for God and knows He is her confidant and companion. What more could a woman want?

The following is a spiritual exercise for the woman in ministry or pastor's wife:

A woman in ministry can become so overwhelmed with ministry and family that this thirst for more of God can be drowned out by her responsibilities. Let the Holy Spirit purification system clean out the busyness and re-prioritize your life. Allow Him to cleanse the hurtful words, others have spoken to you, from your spirit. Give Him permission to fill you with His joy and renew your mind.

Spend some time reflecting on where you are in your life with Christ right now. Remember this...keep it in the forefront of our minds...don't get so inundated with ministry you fail to sense His holy presence.

I hope you join me next time as we reflect on and are reminded of who we are in Christ.

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