Saturday, October 4, 2008

Being the Bucket God Uses to Pour Living Water on Others

Scripture talks about drinking the water that comes from Jesus in The Gospel of John. Water is essential for our survival. We need it to live. When Jesus was speaking to the Samaritan woman in John chapter four He told her of living water; a “spring of water welling up to eternal life”. In order to have this living water we must first drink.

“…if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whosoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” John 7:37

We have to drink in order to be filled. Unless we are thirsty it will not mean much to us. Imagine running a 5k race. By the end of the race runners are desperate for water or an energy drink.

This is what the psalmist was talking about when the deer was used as an illustration, that was written about in the previous post. Do we pant for God? Do we long for God? Does our soul thirst for God? Do we yearn for the living God? Are we ready to meet with Him?

Just like water is essential for our physical body, God and His presence are essential for our spiritual body. If we do not drink of Him daily we will die spiritually. We have to be on our guard to not let the busyness of our lives drown out the thirst for God.

When busyness takes us away from God and thirsting after Him we run into a problem. One way we can allow God to pour into our lives is by attending church or minister's meetings. By doing this we are building a support system around us for the times of struggle when we do not want to be alone; nor should we be. Look to the Book of Acts as a guideline. Luke tells us several times the believers met together regularly.

The woman in ministry needs to ask herself the question, "how often do I meet with other women in ministry?" It is important for the woman in ministry to have a support system of other women in ministry. These women can be a support for her when she feels like she is all alone. They can understand "where she's coming from" because they are in similar shoes. It is great to have other women as friends, but there is nothing as supportive as another woman who has "been there, done that."

So you see, we not only drink of the well of living water when we accept Christ, we can also drink of living water when He places people within our lives to refresh us. We are drinking of God's goodness by allowing other women in ministry to speak into our lives.

In your quiet time today think about how thirsty you are for God. Is your spirit aching for more of God? Are you drinking from the well God has provided for you? Are you allowing other women in ministry to speak into your life? If you have, then think of the wonderful women in ministry who are your friends. Send them an email, a post on facebook, or a card in the mail thanking them for their friendship. I'm sure that would mean a lot to them.

By doing this you are being the bucket that is pouring "living water" into another woman in ministry. It may be just what she needs to hear...a word of encouragement from a friend.

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