Monday, March 2, 2009

Shut the Door to our Past and Move Forward!

We may be going along in our lives and all of a sudden the direction of our lives change. That is definitely what happened to Noah. He was just living life. Walking with God. Doing what he knew to do.

One day God decides to change the course of his life. He not only changes the course, he shuts the door to his past. Genesis 7:16, "...Then, God shut the door behind him." The Message God knew what the human emotions could do...they feel sorry for people, they hurt, they want to make things better...

God shut the door so tight that no one could get in or out. When the people outside the ark began to cry out and scream the human nature of Noah and his family would have been tempted to open the door to assist those hurting people on the outside. We can be the very same way. God changes the direction of our lives, of our ministries and He wants us to allow Him to shut the door to our past.

Do not listen to those who are crying out saying, "Let me come with you." God desires for you to allow Him to "shut the door" and follow His direction into the future He has for you. Noah had no idea what was going to happen to him and his family. God was destroying all of mankind as Noah knew more human beings, other than he and his family. What was that going to be like?

We may be going in a direction where we are alone for a season, while God trains us in the area to which He is calling us. Simply trust Him as Noah did and allow God to teach you awesome truths about yourself and the work you are going to do. Here is what God did for Noah and his family.

"Prosper! Reproduce! Fill the earth! Every living crature - birds, animals, fish - will fall under your spell and be afraid of you. You're responsible for the...You're here to bear fruit, reproduce, lavish life on the earth, live bountifully!" Gen. 9:1-7 The Message

As we follow God's direction he will prosper us in what we are doing. Our lives are to reproduce. What are we learning? What are we reproducing? Are we allowing the things God is teaching us to reproduce in our lives? This is very important for the health of generations to come. If we do not pass on what God has blessed us with we are not living up to our full potential in Christ. Make that a part of our everyday life. When other's look at the way we do life give them reason to say, "I want what she has," "I want to be like her."

Remember to allow God to shut the door to your past, so you will not be distracted and lose focus on His direction for your life. Seek Him with every part of your being and allow the Holy Spirit to mold you and shape you into awesome women of God, called for His purpose.


Melis said...

Girl! This just happened to my husband and I, well, sorta. We moved here 4 yrs ago this spring from WI. We had been at my home church and in my hometown all our married lives. When God called us to leave we knew we would probably never move back there.
Over Valentine's Day weekend, God opened the door for us to go back for a ministry opportunity. While we were there it was as if God was slamming the door on WI in us, especially me. As I walked through the church and talked with the people I have known for most of my life, I could feel god saying this isn't home anymore! I KNEW that I didn't belong there. I had a definite sense of closure when we left to come home.
Landing at BWI was such an incredible feeling. We were HOME. Whether we stay here for the rest of our lives or another year is up to God, but what I do know is that for now He has shut the door on us for all other places.
Thanks for this post. It is right where I am right now! You're awesome Cheryl!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...


Great post!! Keep at it, sister!

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God bless you & yours,

Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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Andrea said...

Cheryl, I just stumbled onto your blog. I was actually looking for blogs for pastors' wives. I just started a blog, but it's more of a general blog for women. I noticed a link to the Assemblies of God. My husband is an AG pastor. God bless you for your ministry. You write much needed timely messages.