Wednesday, March 11, 2009

God's Up to Something Bigger Than Me...

Even though the inside is covered up it needs to be just as spectacular as the outside. Solomon was having The Temple built. It took four years to gather all that was needed to just begin building. (I Kings 6) The chapter tells us about the process of building. Everything was the best of the best. Solomon wanted to build a sactuary to God that was spectacular.

We read in First Kings chapter 6 verse 18 that the stones used for building the temple were covered completely by cedar. No stone was to be seen. This did not mean the stone was not important, just the opposite. In I Kings 5:17 we read that men were instructed to get the best stone and dress it for the foundation of The Temple. Solomon was not going to have anything but the best for The Temple he was building to house the presence of God.

As I read that passage I thought of our lives. We are the temple of God; His presence resides in each of us. (1Cor. 3:19, 6:19; 2Cor. 6:16) Usually we have a desire to take care of the outside of our bodies because people actually see us. We have to have the best clothes, the best accessories, the best shoes (of course), the best car...the best everything, because we care about what others see and think of us. But what about our inner lives; the stone of our existance. Have we allowed only the best to enter our heart and spirit?

Because of the busyness of our lives we can often go through the motions of Christianity and leadership. We can act like we are serving; but is our heart really serving, or do we secretly resent what we are doing? This is very easy to do without realizing what we are allowing to happen. We may feel as if things should be done differently, so we harbor hurt feelings. That is not healthy.

Remember only the best for the foundation of our spiritual lives. We can learn this lesson from Solomon. He used the best stone, but then he covered it up with cedar. No stone was exposed. When we have spent time in the presence of God and allowed Him to carve us; to chip away the impurities and roughness of our lives, we will live blessed and fulfilled lives. It will not matter to us what is going on around us because we have been carved by God.

Our appearance on the outside is just as important. We learn that from Solomon as well. He was blessed with the friendship of the King of Tyre, and had all the best cedar and timber he needed for building The Temple. The overall appearance of our lives is so very important, but we do not start from the outside in. We begin from the inside out. This is how we are going to reach generations. Instruct them and influence them to get to know God intimately and develop a strong inner spirit. God will develop them into who He desires them to be.

What is going on in our inner spirit? Is God up to something? Do you feel as if you are going to burst? Maybe you have allowed your spirit to become complacent and settled. Maybe you feel as if God is trying to tell you something. He is wanting to take you to a deeper place in Him, developing strength and courage inside of you. Don't be afraid of change. It may even be chaotic. That is God doing something amazing in you. Allow Him to continue. Ask Him to give you the sensitivity to listen to what He is saying.

Many times people become afraid of that chaotic feeling; they turn away, not allowing their spirit to be quiet and hear what God is saying. I have inserted a video that explains this concept so well. Listen to it with an open heart. God is up to something bigger than you. Are you being still and letting God work on the stone foundation of you spirit? If you are then expect God to do awesome things for you in the very near future.

Whatever You're doing inside of me; it feels like chaos, but I believe.
You're up to something bigger than me; larger than life, something heavenly.
Whatever You're doing inside of me; it feels like chaos, but now I can see.
This is something bigger than me; larger than life, something heavenly.
Sanctus Real

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Andrea said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words, This post today cuts right through my heart. I so want God to work within me and change me so that I reflect His glory. God bless you. I appreciate your ministry.