Friday, March 20, 2009

God's Grace...Like a Man Opening a Door for a Woman men still open doors for women? Yes, they do...just not like in the past. In my opinion, it is mostly the woman's fault for this courteousness to have almost been lost. Women had the opinion they could do everything.

Women have the capability to do many things and be great multi-taskers; but, if not careful this ability will cause them to miss out on great relationships and blessings. It can cause them to forget their need to rely upon others for support and strength.As I was thinking about God's grace the picture of the man opening the door for the woman came to mind. The man is being kind and courteous to the woman, not because she is weak and incapable of opening the door, but because he respects her and wants to show her how much she is valued.

God looks at us and sees how valued we are as men and women and opens the door to His heart through His grace. We don't deserve it; but, we need it. He just might be looking at us and saying, "I know you can do this life on your own. You are perfectly capable; but, I want to do this life with you. I want to support you and make it a little less stressful." Too often we try to do everything on our own, when God is calling us to allow Him to help us.

We possibly think we have done too many bad things in the past and God doesn't want to help us. Maybe we regret where we've been and people we associated with. Nothing we have done in our lives will shock God. He is God. He has seen it all. It may hurt Him, but it doesn't shock Him.

If you have been following my blog you know I have been studying leadership in the Old Testament. For the past few months I have been in Kings and Chronicles, as well as Jeremiah. The one thing that has stood out in what I have been reading lately is how God compared the various kings to David. He states several times that because a particular king did not follow the example of David; following after God, obeying His orders with an undivided heart, the kingship would be ripped from him. In some instances the kings family would be destroyed because of their blatant sin.

David was not without sin. That is the point. He purposefully sinned and then tried to cover the one sin by doing another. (2 Sam. 11 & 12) He should have been put to death because of it; BUT GOD. We see those two words often in scripture. God's grace came through.

Why does David stand out so much? Because he had a genuine heart after God. He understood when he was wrong and deeply repented of the wrong. When you read what he wrote you can see the deep relationship he had with God. He spoke from his heart. He learned from his mistakes and allowed God to take him into a deeper relationship with Him.

There are some people reading that have allowed their past to hinder what God wants to do in and through their lives. God's grace is abundant. If you have a heart like David and have truly repented God wants to help you move on. He is opening the door for you now. He is the gentleman that is saying, "I value you. You are special to me. Allow me to show you what I want for your life. I want to do this for you, not because I have to, or I am suppose to, I want to."

So, as you go through your day allow the Holy Spirit to heal your soul and renew your mind. Give God the opportunity to use you in ways you never dreamed or thought possible!

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