Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Kiteboarding Christian/Leader (part 2)

The third type of kite surfing Christian is the Daring Christian/Daring Leader. This person is not satisfied with the norm. They are unable to sit on the shore and watch while other people enjoy the surfing. They are in the middle of all the action. The ocean is where they will be found lakes for them. They have learned from experience how to handle the waves.

Each wave is a new challenge. The stronger the wind, the better. They allow the kite to help them soar high above the wave. They head into the wave, jump it, lift the board high and go with the wind. It's crazy, some of the stunts kite surfers do. They twist, flip, go one handed, whatever they can imagine doing they do. They are only limited by their abilites and imagination.

As Christians and Leaders we need to set a goal to become a Daring Kite Surfer. The kite surfer's foundation is the board. The foundation we surf on is Christ. We need to be rooted and grounded firmly in Him with a strong belief and faith. The daring kite surfer uses only the best board available. The best board for the Christian is Christ. Let's put our feet on, grab hold of the kite handle allowing the kite of the Holy Spirit to be picked up by the wind of God and His presence. We will then be soaring into the new adventure God has for us.

We can go along on an even keel and enjoy the smooth surfing; but, before too long though, it will become mundane and boring, with no excitement. As a daring kite surfer we will understand the challenges we face, as Christians, will only be waves giving us the opportunity to grow in Christ. We will be able to learn new techniques on the board and develop our spiritual discipline. We will be on our way to new heights and new levels in Christ.

As a daring Christian we will realize the obstacles are not there to deter us, but opportunities to become stronger and more daring. We will become someone the devil will not be able to overtake.

When the wind is stronger and the waves are larger the kite surfer can go higher and farther. They will be carried on the wind, which spiritually speaking is God's presence. The hurts, disappointments, and trials that come into our lives will not deter the daring Christian. They will head straight into them knowing they will be able to do some crazy stunts; such as believe for people to be healed, believe for people to accept Christ, or stand up for morals and go against the norm of society, to name a few.

They will become stronger and wiser as they are going through these trials. James 1:2-4 tells us to "count it all joy" when this happens because we grow stronger.

As daring Christians we need to allow the Holy Spirit to take us higher and farther in our spiritual journey. Use the wave, which is our trial, to rise higher than we ever thought possible. Do not allow it to take us under and wipe out. If this happens we will be able to get back up, but not without injury.

Become a daring believer with me. Let's show this generation and generations to come what a true Christian is all about. Life in Christ is an adventure. Don't be satisfied with the smooth surfing of everyday life. Take the challenge and welcome the raging sea. Ride high on the waves that come. They won't be every day. The ocean, and God, is like that...smooth surfing one day and daring the next. This allows for rest and recovery.

No kite surfer can surf 24/7. Physically they would be exhausted. We all have to spend quiet time developing our inner being. We have to learn to be who God wants us to be. This helps us recover from the energy spent on rough surfing and sharing our faith...doing crazy stunts for Christ. (Phil. 4:13)

Will you join me for the ride of our life? Let's ride the waves together and be the Daring Christian/Daring Leader God means for us to be.

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A Hoosier Family said...

Great post!

I saw you commented on Don Andreasen's blog. :0) His church went through historical record flooding at the beginning of June, and they've been having a tough time. The Lord will see them through.

I created a video for him/his church after the flooding, and posted it on YouTube. You can access it via this address: