Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Kiteboarding Christian/Leader (part 1)

I was sitting on my 3rd floor balcony one evening about 8 pm and noticed a kite surfer in the water. The water was not calm, but this guy was having a great time. He was doing some awesome jumps; soaring with the wind.

This was another one of those times the Holy Spirit dropped a thought into my heart. He is helping me to develop it...

As Christian's and spiritual leaders we can learn from the kite surfer. We can be one of three types of Christians:

Safe Christian/Safe Leader:
This person is like the kite surfer that goes out on a day when the water is smooth and the wind is not too strong. They prefer the safety of the lakes. They know their surfboard (their foundation) will keep them afloat. The kite wil take them around the lake and they can see the shore line. They see their boundaries. The lake is one big circle, so they can only go so far with in the limits of the lake. More often than not the water is calm with no waves, unless a boat passes by and stirs up the water. No rough surfing for this type of kite surfer.

They are comfortable. There are no risks. Spiritually speaking kite surfer Christians are careful not to upset the "norm" of church life. "If we haven't needed to do something different in the past why start now?" They would prefer not to change things up. If someone challenges the way things are done they are seen as rebellious and non-conforming, not wanting to submit, and the "Safe Christian/Safe Leader" does not want to be seen in that light.

Bold Christian/Bold Leader:
Now this person is a little more open in the way they do life in general. They like it when a boat comes along in the lake and brings a few waves for them to jump. They will even venture out into the ocean. They see the waves as a challenge and a way to improve their kite surfing ability. They accept and welcome the challenge. They do not run from it, they surf into it straight on, nose into the wave. They even have the courage to jump a few waves. They are becoming bolder with each jump.

Each jump makes them stronger. They develop stronger muscles in the arms and start learning more techniques that others start to admire. The way they are developing and growing inspires others to follow along after them. Others say, "Hey I want to do that...I can do that!"

Spiritually speaking this type of kite surfer, the "Bold Christian/Bold Leader," begins to enjoy their Christian life and leadership more and more. When they see how their ability to surf inspires others they become restless and more daring in their surfing. They want to do better because others are watching them and want to be like them. Without realizing it they have become a daring Christian.

Be sure to watch for the next post and conclusion to the "Kite Surfing Christian/Leader."


A Hoosier Family said...

Looking forward to your conclusion!

Dilsiri Welikala said...

:) super. www.kitesurfsrilanka.blogspot.com