Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Wisdom of Saul

Not only did God choose the best when He chose Saul as king, he also gave him wisdom.

As I stated before, Saul did not pay attention to the negative talk of those who did not want to follow his leadership. He went about his business. While going on about his own business he heard about an enemy threatening his people.

The Message tells us in I Samuel 11:6 that, "The Spirit of God came on Saul when he heard the report and he flew into a rage." He was angry that someone was trying to scare his people and destroy them. He had the confidence of God. He butchered the oxen and sent messengers throughout Israel warning the people that if they did not join with him their oxen would end up like his.

The Bible says the "terror of God" seized the people and they joined him. Saul took command and sent word that, "Help is on the way." God was with Saul and his men and they were victorious. After seeing the victory God had given them through Saul's leadership the people told Samuel to hand the men, who were against Saul, over them and they would kill them. Saul did not want this to happen. He wanted to celebrate the day and consecrate the kingship.

When God calls us He will give us the power, the courage, and the confidence to go into battle and conquer whatever is attacking us. As women in ministry we need to keep this in the forefront of our mind and spirit. The devil, our enemy, will try his best to keep us from what God has called us to; whether using circumstances in our family's life, our own life, or the life of our church.

I believe we need to stand as confident as Saul and get angry at the devil. Let him know who is in control here - definitely not him. As we take a stand the people around us will be strengthened and encouraged by our example. They will be proud to stand at our side and help us fight the battle. We can then celebrate the victory God has given. Victory may not happen over night, but hang in there, God will come through.

If you feel as if you are ready to "throw in the towel," don't do it! God is right there to be your support and strength.

If you are ready to give up on your marriage, don't do it! God will get you through. Ask Him to give you a new love for your spouse and refresh your marriage.

If you want to end ministry because it is too hurtful, don't do it! God will carry you. If your children are causing you discouragement, don't give up! God will give your family stability and get your children through the difficult circumstances.

Remember, you are special. God has called you and He will not let you down. He will not give up on you - so do not give up on Him.

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