Monday, May 12, 2008

God Chooses the Best!

I have recently been studying I Samuel. The story of God choosing Saul as king caught my attention. We often hear sermons on David, his great leadership and being a "man after God's own heart," and are reminded of the bad leadership of Saul.

As I was reading I Samuel 9 - 15 Saul stood out to me and I felt the lessons I am learning would be an encouragement to those just starting in ministry as well as those who have been at ministry a while.

The passages I will be quoting are from The Message Bible.

In chapters 9 and 10 Samuel obeys God and anoints Saul as king. In chapter 10:24 Samuel addresses the people and says, "Take a good look at whom God has chosen: the best! No one like him in the whole country!" At this time there were people who accepted Saul as king and followed him, but there were those who just could not grasp the idea that the Saul they knew was to lead them. They went off complaining, saying "don't make me laugh," refusing to congratulate him.

Many times when God calls us there will be those who just can't believe it! They know us too well and just can't comprehend that God would want to use us. They go off talking behind our backs with the idea they are not going to listen to anything we have to say. Remember though, God chooses the best. People around us do not see the potential God sees in us. All we need to do is remember it is God who does the calling, not our friends and family.

Look at what Saul did: "He paid them no mind." (10:27) When you know in your heart God has called you, that is all that matters. He is the one who has anointed you, not the complainers, and those who want to try to tear the calling from you.

There may be those who do not understand why the pastor's wife feels she is called to minister alongside her husband, in the forefront, and not in the background. There will be those who think the pastor's wife should have a particular ministry, just not the one you know God has called you to. Especially in a traditional church setting there will be those who just don't understand.

I want to admonish you to keep your head up and pay them no mind. God has called you! GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE! So, hang in there woman of God. You are special and designed for great things.

There is more I am learning from Saul, so stay tuned. I hope you will be encouraged also. By the way check out my website: and sign up for the monthly e-newseletter. You can view back issues by clicking on e-newsletters on the left of the screen.

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Anonymous said...

oh my that is so true! I am not a pastors wife, but serve with my husband as he is the founder and president of our motorcycle ministry. Yes I can relate to this very well, God is on our side and . .He calls and when He calls He equips us to fulfill His calling. Thanks for sharing:)