Monday, June 2, 2008

Still Learning from Saul

Well, I wanted to bring out the good aspects of Saul because we do not hear of it often. Now I have been thinking of the not so good aspects of Saul's leadership.

I hope you get as much out of this study as I have.

Saul began his leadership on the right foot, humble; but as he became familiar with the role and saw the success he began to become overconfident. He became proud and assumed Samuel's role at one point. That was a terrible mistake. We learn from Saul that pride and self-confidence without the Holy Spirit will lead to anger, resentment, and disappointment. Read about some of this in I Samuel 15.

In one instance when he was suppose to destroy everyone and everything Saul captured the king and did not kill him. Samuel reminds Saul that he had nothing when he started out, then God made him head of Israel – made him king! What a privilege! “God sent you off with orders. Why did you not obey Him? Why, with God’s eyes on you all the time, did you brazenly carry out this evil?”(I Sam. 15:17-19) Saul starts making excuses and asks what is wrong with taking a few choice sheep? He was avoiding the issue.

I think of one of my daughters when she was 17. She deliberately disobeyed and wrote me a long letter apologizing and explaining why she did what she did. She was making excuses. She missed the point of her deliberate disobedience.

Samuel told Saul straight up that he did not want sacrifices and empty rituals. He wanted him to listen and do what he told him. Because Saul refused to listen and said no to God, God said no to Saul’s kingship.

In our own ministries we need to be careful not to become prideful in our accomplishments and knowledge, thinking we know more than anyone else. Too often I have seen young youth pastors or associates and their wives come into church all excited about ministry, but exemplify an attitude of, “I know more than you.”

This is not healthy for them or the church in which they are ministering. They will not be able to glean from the knowledge of those who have gone before them. I have seen wonderful ministries, such as Master’s Commission or other similar programs, teach servant leadership. They teach students to develop a servant heart. The ministry teaches the student that all areas of the church give you an opportunity in which to minister, whether it be cleaning the bathrooms or speaking in front of fifty or a thousand people. You learn that the attitude of the heart is important, not what special abilities you have.

My prayer is that I keep a simple, humble attitude of the heart, so God has a good fertile ground to work in daily. This is hard because when you do wonderful things ,and see success you naturally have a tendency to become proud of your accomplishments. It is ok to be proud of what you do and confident in the Lord, but when we start doing things on our own and our own way we are setting ourselves up for trouble. It may not happen soon, but it will happen.

To bring it home to us think about Arwen in "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring." The scene is right after Frodo gets stabbed by the wraith sword. He is dying and needs help. Arwen comes and tells Strider she is the faster rider and she needs to get Frodo to her father in Rivendale. She puts Frodo on her horse and rides away with the nine wraiths close behind. She gets to the river and with confidence she looks straight at the wraith and says, "If you want him come and get him." She then begins speaking in Elvish and the waters rise up and overtake the wraiths.

Right after that Frodo seems to be slipping away. Arwen bends over him and says, "What grace is given me let it pass to him. Let him be spared." She had confidence in who she was, what ability she had through her people (father), and was willing to step out and take the risk.

As women in ministry know who you are in Christ. Know what He has called you to do. Have confidence to be who God wants you to be. Have confidence in the ability He has given you. Be willing to take a risk for what you believe in your heart to be true.

You are special and God has a desire to use you for His glory.

Let me know how He is accomplishing His plan in your life.

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