Sunday, September 9, 2007

Have We Let Church Rob Us of Our Passion for Christ?

Here's a thought for each of us in ministry to consider.

"Why did we get into ministry?"

Most likely we felt a "tug" in our spirit; otherwise known as a "calling." At that point in our life we probably had a passion for seeing people get to know Christ and living life to their fullest potential.

But, what happened as we began working in our churches?

Life happened!!!

All the enthusiasm we once had is being sucked out of our lives the more we have to listen to church people criticise our husbands, our kids, and even our self. We can only take so much. I know I have been there. We are excited about ministry. We want to do what we can for the kingdom. We work, work, work. Only to hear, "We can't do ministry that we. We have never done it that way before." I am sure you all have heard that one and many more.

Well, I was challenged tonight about passion. John 15:4,5 talks about bearing fruit, fruit that will last. What fruit are we as pastor's wives bearing? Have we forgotten the call? Are we letting our enemy the devil win a battle. I am not about to let satan win the battle of my calling in my life. I hope you are not willing either. If we give up and let church rob us of our calling and passion then satan has won.

I refuse to let him! I just about did, because I was tired of dealing with people, but God is still beside me encouraging me to go further in Him and bear more fruit.

One way I am going to do that is by encouraging other pastor's wives to hang in there and defeat our enemy. I am here for you. Don't give up! One thing I heard tonight that was so good is this, "There is always more ground to take if you choose to take it." I choose to stay in this race and help others come to know Christ more; that includes pastor's wives and women in ministry who are burnt out and tired.

Restore that passion!

Pray this prayer with me: "Dear God, I am tired and worn out, and don't feel as if I have any more to give. I really don't have any desire to give any more. There has been too many hurts and struggles. I know You love me and are still there for me, I just lost my way a bit. Please forgive me and help me get back on track again. Please, dear Jesus, restore the joy of Your salvation to me. Help me revive my passion for You and sharing You with others. Keep me on track and always guide me back on course when I lose sight of where I should be going. Please send other women my way to help me stay on course and encourage me when I need it the most. Thank you God for caring for me. I love You and will serve You always. In Jesus precious name Amen.

Please write me and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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