Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Powerful Demeanor/Powerful Word

As I was reading in Mark this morning I was reminded of a message I preached several years back in our church. I had a few teenagers help by getting up and following me when I walked by, motioning for them to follow, saying, "follow me."

Now, catch the power behind the demeanor and words of Jesus in this instance. You can read about it in Mark 1:14-20 and Matthew 4:18-22. What was it about this man that caused people to stop whatever they were doing...that included their livelihood...and follow after Him?

He had confidence in who he was...the Son of God.
He knew what his mission was...salvation of mankind.
He had passion for that mission...everything He did had to do with His mission.
He had determination to see the mission fulfilled...He was willing to give His life.

As believers and leaders (and everyone who is a believer should be a leader) we need to be following Jesus' example. When we walk past people they should take a second look. If we ask them to follow us in what we are doing they should stop whatever they are doing and follow. Why? Because we have Christ in us. John 16 tells about Jesus having to leave in order for the Holy Spirit to come. He would teach us all truth (v13) and we would then have power to ask anything in Jesus name (vv 23,24) and receive.

I don't know about you; but, that is a mighty strong promise! Are we living up to those verses? Does the demeanor we protray and the words we say carry that much power? When others look at me or when I walk past others I want them to take a second look...not because I look like some crazy woman, but because I have the power of Jesus inside of me. That is a difficult task. We must do it at home...which can be tough with everyone in our homes having their own will, and spiritually maturing at different stages.

We can have confidence in who we are...a child of God. (1 Jn 3:1)
We can know what our mission is...telling others about Christ. (Mt. 28:18-20)
We can have a passion about our life worthy of the calling (Eph. 4:1) and live a "more and better life than they ever dreamed of" (Jn 10:10b Msg).
We can have determination to fulfill the mission...we can do everything He has called us to, because He gives us the strength (Phil 4:13 & 1:6).

Make that your challenge. Watch your words. Watch the body language you carry. At home and away from home.

The next time someone looks at you or you walk past someone, don't be surprised if they are following you! Oh, by the way. There are various ways people can follow today...physically is the "old fashioned" way; but, what about facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Technology has opened up a whole new realm for the Believer. Don't criticize it, get on board with it and allow God to use you in ways you NEVER thought you could be used. Just remember, people do follow you, so watch everything you say and do.

Have fun with people following you!


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