Saturday, January 3, 2009

Purposeful Positioning

What are you expecting in 2009?

Better health? More exercise? Better diet? More income?

These are all good things, but they deal more with our physical bodies. We have a desire to take care of our physical bodies because everyone sees what we look like. Others can see if we have put on a few pounds...or shed a few. They notice if we have done something different with our hair or bought new clothes.

It makes us feel good when we have taken care of our bodies. When we need a change we either go a different color with our hair or new style. We especially like to go shopping for a new outfit.

What about our spiritual expectations for 2009?

What do we have in store for our spiritual health? What spiritual exercise regime are we going to begin? What spiritual food are we going to partake? What spiritual deposits are we making?

God has blessed Mentoring Women in Ministry this past year. It has gone in a direction I never really thought possible. But, there is a ministry I want to get started on so badly, but it is not the right time. It will come, and I am patiently preparing my spirit for when the right time comes. One thing I have learned is God will cause events to happen in His timing.

So when you are thinking about 2009 and what God has in store remember if He has placed something in your spirit, do not give up on it. It may take time, but it will happen.

Remember Joseph...there were dreams he had, but it wasn't until he was 30 years of age the dreams came true. It took all those years for God to work in Joseph's life in other ways. It was two years before the cupbearer remembered Joseph. (Gen. 41) In every circumstance Joseph was in he kept a good heart toward God. He didn't allow the situation he was in to cause his spirit to harden and close toward God.

He patiently endured each "trial" and God came through.

It is hard to keep trusting God when everything around you is saying the opposite. My son Daniel is 21 years old. When he was 15 months old he contracted spinal meningitis, was in a coma for 15 days, in the hospital for 6 weeks and went home in a semi-comatose state (according to the neurologist.) While in the hospital chapel one evening I knew God was telling me Daniel was going to be restored. I did a word study on restore and wrote down all the things I wanted God to restore in Daniel. I still have that list, a little yellowed with age, but I still have it. Some of the things God has restored, but some He has not.

I believed Daniel was going to go home from the hospital well. Easter Sunday I thought, "Oh great! God is going to healing Daniel today"...but no, not right timing. Over the years there have been dreams about Daniel's healing to keep our faith going when I was ready to give up. There have been times when I tell God I don't want to believe anymore. It is taking too long. I just want to live life. He reminds me that I do need to just live life, but live it with the expectancy that God will restore Daniel. One day He will. My part is to continue believing and let God decide the timing.

What is it that God promised you? Have you been ready to give up? Is it taking too long? God's time is perfect. 2009 could be your year of fulfilment. But, if it isn't don't give up on what God wants to do. It is going to be awesome.

Imagine if Joseph would not have been sensitive to God and didn't listen for the interpretation of the dreams of the cupbearer and baker. He would not have been in the position to be ready for when Pharoah needed him. In fact, even after he interpreted the dreams of the two men they forgot about him. But God was faithful and brought Joseph into a place of prominence.

As you begin 2009 think of where God wants to take you. What does He want to do IN you. Now, a most important part is this...POSITION. You need to position yourself where God can work in you. Position yourself around those people who can help you grow in spirit and knowledge of what God is doing. This is a very important part of your spiritual health.

If you position yourself around people who are always negative, you will get discouraged. If you position yourself around those who are always complaining about how things are done, you will find yourself falling into the same mindset.

When you purposefully position yourself around positive, uplifting people you will become a positive and uplifting person. If you are in ministry and your church is going through difficult times, you need to find a pastor who can encourage you and help you through. Glean wisdom from others. So many times those in ministry pull away when ministry gets tough. Please do not do that. POSITION IS SO IMPORTANT.

Those in ministry who are doing well need to understand this and keep their eyes and spirit attentive to those who may need an encouraging word. Walk with them through this tough time. God will bless you for it.

Remember to purposefully position yourself for greatness in God's kingdom in 2009


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