Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just Excited About Being a Part of the Kingdom of God!

Today I was just excited about being in God's family...

I was excited about who God is in my life...

I was excited about what God is doing in my life...

It can be very easy to take our life in Christ for granted...especially if we are so busy in ministry and have a family to care for daily.

I have been reading Acts and studying how the church started and it's development; paying close attention to how Paul started the churches on his journey's and how he continued to lead oversee them. It has been a very interesting and thoughtful journey on my part.

I have been reading Paul's letters to those churches he established. I finished 1 & 2 Corinthians, Romans and am now in the middle of Ephesians. At the end of chapter 3 Paul encourages the church to live life "fully alive" in Christ.

Paul was an amazing man. God had completely changed his life. He went from persecuting, to persecuted. He once had a passion to destroy and kill the church. God helped him redirect that passion and energy to growing the church. Here he was in prison, much like the ones 'she once was determined to put Christians in, encouraging the Ephesians to be strong and fully alive in Christ. Our purpose is to be strong, fully alive in Christ, and motivating other’s in their faith.

That is what has made me excited. I want to follow Paul's example. No matter where I am, what I'm doing, I want my passion for Christ to permeate my every being.

The reality is when we are trying to develop teenagers in our home we have to work harder than we ever imagined to stay focused on the excitement of God's calling on our lives. Teenagers drain a lot of energy from our lives. We have to make sure we stay in the Word and have daily talks with God to keep sane and energized.

Well that is what has gone through my mind today. "God help me have the same excitement as Paul and stay fully alive in Christ. Amen."

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