Thursday, October 18, 2007

Intentional Mentoring

Since I entered ministry 25 years ago I have felt a lack in the mentoring/coaching aspect to pastor's wives. It is my opinion that as women, who are the wives of pastor's, we have too long kept silent when it comes to coaching the pastor's wives in our care, or new pastor's wives in our area.

I want to pose a question to all of you that are out there reading, "Is this right?"

I have heard many pastor's wives say that you learn from experience. This is true, but can we not have a heart for the young pastor's wives and mentor/coach them along the way - helping them learn valuable lessons before they lose heart and give up?

I truly believe we have a responsibility as leaders to help those following this path of ministry. Will we stand before God and be asked how we helped other women?

Let's be challenged by Elijah and become the Elijah's to the Elisha's in our lives - other women in ministry. Senior Pastor's wives, allow the Holy Spirit to move upon your heart to pass the mantle to women within your care. Do not be closed and afraid of being hurt. Do we not take risks in any relationship we begin developing. No matter what relationship we are in it is inevitable we will be hurt at some point. The important thing is how we handle and deal with the hurt.

I will take it one step further and challenge the Youth Pastor or Associate's wife to be open to learn and glean from what the Senior Pastor's wife has to offer. It is to your detriment that you think you know everything and cannot receive. You will miss out on many blessings God has to give. This is not to say that every Youth Pastor or Associate's wife has an attitude of knowing everything, but I have seen, too often, in my years of ministry, that attitude.

Take advantage of the opportunity to grow and mature under her leadership, if she is willing to open up to you. Learn and seek her council. Allow her the opportunity to share what she has learned from the battlefield.

What about gathering together monthly with the women in leadership in your church. Do fun activities which you all enjoy. You can have an agenda and lesson, but the main thing is to develop relationships so you can be a support to each other. Have another woman in ministry come and speak to your women. The sky is the limit. Use your imagination and see God move in your lives.

If you have suggestions and are doing something that is working write and let me know and we will post it as a resource to others.

We are in this adventure of ministry together, so let's do everything we can to encourage and support one another along the way.


Lylah said...

....with a quick scan over your posts....i like what i see....i'll have to come back when i'm not in the middle of thanksgiving prep...

from a pw...:-) blessings on you!

Anonymous said...

I stopped by and enjoy your posts. I am in a motorcycle ministry, and I over see the women. Yes we all need encouragement, so let me say keep writing girl!! God Bless.

Lela said...

I'm encouraged at your desire to pastor other pastor's wives. I'm a little bummed that this was written in October...

I'm 28 years old and my husband and I have been involved in ministry since (before) we met. The 2 ministries we've been part of together have been incredibly difficult circumstances and I, for one, would be grateful if an older pastor's wife in my area would take me under her wing...but how do you make that happen when there aren't any that I know?!?